Michael Palace – Interview. English & Español.

A.A. First of all, thank you very much for chatting with us and letting your Spanish readers know more about you. For us it is an honor to know something more about someone who is very fashionable in the world of AOR.

M.P. Hello, thank you for having me. I am very honoured that you asked me to do this and thankful for the opportunity.

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Entrevista a David Palau (GÜRU).

Hola David, espero que todo vaya bien, un regalo y alegría estar con un maestro como tú. Lo primero, muchas felicidades por tu décimo aniversario con tu banda, Güru, y el maravilloso nuevo disco que habéis editado para celebrarlo, igualmente por tu magnífica escuela de guitarra.

Muchísimas gracias a vosotros, siempre, por permitirnos estar presentes y tener un espacio en vuestra estupenda página. Así que el hecho de publicar música nueva siempre es un motivo de celebración, reitero mis agradecimientos a vosotros.

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Interview with Stan Bush. Español debajo.

For us it is an honor to be able to interview one of the most significant names in the “A.O.R. universe”, Stan Bush.  Without further ado, let’s find out more about your brand new album, “Dare to Dream” … What will the classic fan of your music find so special in these new songs?

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– Hola amigo Rogelio, espero que todo vaya muy bien. Lo primero, muchas felicidades por su magnífico nuevo disco, un recopilatorio que (pienso) recoge lo mejor de vuestra carrera con un tema nuevo que muestra su calidad, y por todo el trabajo que están realizando.



Hoy tenemos el gusto y el placer de poder entrevistar a una de las voces más poderosas y sorprendentes que tenemos en el panorama actual, James Robledo de la banda chilena Sinner´s Blood.

– Hola James, espero que todo vaya muy bien, muchas gracias por atendernos, un regalo y alegría conversar contigo.  Muchas felicidades por tu reciente disco con SINNER´S BLOOD, The Mirror Star”, una obra maravillosa y magistral, con un magnífico e impresionante trabajo vocal que has realizado.

“Hola amigos, para mí es un placer poder conversar también con ustedes”.


Entrevista con Arctic Rain. English Below.

ArcticRain_800x800.jpgEn primer lugar me gustaría agradecerles la oportunidad de realizar esta entrevista a Magnus Berglund, debo admitir que estoy sorprendido con este debut, y por lo que he podido comprobar en las redes sociales, la acogida entre los fans del rock melódico ha sido muy positiva, no todos los días una nueva banda lanza un disco de esta magnitud. Ahora después del lanzamiento de “The One” es un buen momento para contarnos un poco sobre los sentimientos de la banda en este momento. ¿Estáis satisfechos con la reacción del público y los medios?

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Entrevista a Vhäldemar.

VHÄLDEMAR, una de las principales bandas de Heavy Metal nacional editará en Octubre su sexto álbum “Straight To Hell” en el que se reúnen todos los condicionantes para que Vhäldemar den otro paso de gigante en su carrera. Carlos Escudero ha encontrado un rato en este caluroso sábado para responder a algunas preguntas relacionadas con su nuevo lanzamiento.

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Entrevista a Fran Alonso (Hackers).

  1. Hola Fran, lo primero saludarte afectuosamente y darte muchas gracias por habernos concedido esta entrevista, un regalo y alegría estar contigo para ello; por supuesto, asimismo, desear que tú y el resto de la banda se encuentren bien en medio de esta pandemia, felicitándolos claro por todo el excelente trabajo, que han desarrollado en todo este tiempo de existencia de la banda.

 Muchísimas gracias a ti y al equipo de Viriaor por la invitación, un placer. Todos estamos bien, lo mejor que se puede estar en una situación así. Estamos deseando que pase toda esta pesadilla cuanto antes. Y, por supuesto, trasladaré tú felicitación a los chicos. 

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Michael Kratz. Interview in English.

L.M. A pleasure to have you in viriAOR Michael. thank you very much.

M.K. Thank you! The pleasure is all mine!Michael Kratz2

First of all congratulations for that great album that is “Live Your Life”, Tell us a little about your musical beginnings Where did that taste for the AOR come from?

I started playing drums when I was 8 years old in 1980.
In 1985 four of my friends and I started our first real band called Way Up. We were offered a record deal around 1991 but only recorded two songs before we decided to split in 1992.

After that I joined several bands and in 1995 I was asked to join a Danish band called The Donkeys. From that day I was able to make a living as a drummer.

I joined Kandis in 2004 and left the band in 2012. During those eight years we released 6 studio albums which combined sold more than 1 million copies in Denmark.

Since 1995 I have played almost 200 gigs a year as a drummer besides recording my own music and in 2012 I decided to dedicate my time to my own recordings and though I still play drums for other acts my focus remains on my own music.

From the moment you made the decision to become a solist, what has been the greatest challenge that has been presented to you?

Since my early days, I’ve been singing and writing songs. It’s not only the singing that fascinates me but also the creative process and writing the songs.

After so many years behind the drums I came to a point where I wanted to sing my own songs so I stepped away from the drums and up to the front of the stage – something that is very different from being a drummer. Nowhere to hide so now I am the frontman…and I actually found it a little bit difficult in the beginning.

You know, the space behind the drum kit was my comfort zone. Suddenly the only place to hide was behind my guitar and my microphone. But I got used to it and I really love to interact with the audience.  

How was the experience of sharing a studio with musicians like Steve Lukather and Michael Landau?

It was a bless! You know, they are my heroes so the fact that they said yes to record with me just made it all even better.

I was not able to go to L.A. at the time so we sent the session files to both of them.
After a few days I received their parts. It was a very special feeling for us when we added their parts to the songs and began mixing. Another great day 🙂MK14

Well this brings us to another question: What musician (s) would you like to invite to work on your next album?

Haha! I think I will keep that answer to myself for now. But I can tell you that we have already recorded six new songs for my next album and there will be songs featuring some of the same Cats that are featured on Live Your Life + more.

Have you been completely satisfied with the result of “Live your life”? , Would you modify any detail?

Yes, I’m satisfied with the result. Arranging and producing music is all about making choices and choosing the right ideas. I think every new day would bring me new ideas, so if we recorded the same songs in a year from now some parts would probably be different simply because of other ideas on that specific day.

We have spent a long time arranging these songs and there’s quite a few versions of most of them. For me, I think we chose the right ones.

Today many fans of the AOR / West Coast, accuse groups and record labels specialized in this style that they have run out of ideas, that all albums sound the same and only worry about selling … What do you think about it?

They might be right. I think some artists have a bigger attention to the commercial part of songwriting than others. And I think it’s absolutely fair. I mean, still it’s pretty expensive to record a full album and it takes a long time. So to think business into the songwriting and producing processes is a natural thing for most songwriters and not least producers and labels.

In other cases fans are accusing their favorite acts of experimenting too much.
I really believe that most artists try to give their fans what they think they would like to hear. Without fans there will be no one to play for and no music.

In the case of Live Your Life I never focused on the commercial part or reviews during the writing and producing process.

I didn’t want to make a concept album but write songs that came to me and produce them according to how I felt on the day of recording the actual song(s).

The only song on Live Your Life that is written as a concept song is Never Take Us Alive.
Before Kasper (my producer) and I took off to London to do the sessions with the Duran Duran guitarist, Dom Brown, we I decided to write a new song that should be classic 80’s Duran ish. Funky and catchy. So we wrote Never Take Us Alive for the London sessions.

What album has been transcendental in your life? And finally, tell us what is your favorite song of Live Your Live?

Michael Kratz8A lot of albums and artists has influenced me. If I should pick only a few it could be: Blue Desert (Marc Jordan), Airplay (Airplay), Fahrenheit (Toto), All Things Must Pass (George Harrison), Rio (Duran Duran). But there’s so many great artists and albums. It’s really hard to choose just a few.

My favorite song on Live Your Life? It changes almost every day. Today it’s Paradise Lost.

If you wish adding something, this is the moment…

I would like to thank all the fans of AOR / WestCoast music for their support to the genre. Without you we would’nt make music!

Thanks a lot to take your time in to answer us. Always is a pleasure to have a chance to know a little more about you.

Thank you for getting in touch!

Luis Miguel Prada


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