SECRET «Stop This World» 2023 – Review – English Version

After years since their debut, and after a break along the way due to the return to the stage of 91 Suite, they decide to come back again to edit their second full length titled “Stop this World”. A total of 10 songs that go through various musical styles and in which they continue to venture and dare with new musical influences, new instruments and a different production format, in addition to renewing the image with a new logo for the band.

The 10 songs on the album also include a very personal version of the famous Roxette song «Dressed for Success», as well as some luxurious collaborations, such as Carolina Reymundo on vocals. All this will make a very enjoyable record for the melodic aficionado. Stop this world was written and recorded in a period of approximately 9 months, and as in the first album, Jesús Espín is in charge of all the vocal parts (lead vocals and backing vocals), and Iván González of all the instrumental part, as well as disc production. Its launch is expected for the month of February 2023.

What we are going to find in this new work by the Murcians is a neat sound, clear and organic production and above all a lot of feeling. It opens with “Stop This World”, a luxurious piece, with very American guitars and Jesus singing like when someone wants to heal his soul. Very present choirs by Carolina Reymundo. A very American/country folk song, with Iván who even seems to be playing the banjo with his cowboy boots. He reminds me at some point of Sam Outlaw. We get a little more sentimental with “Until It’s Over”, This is where Jesus is able to pierce the heart of the toughest warrior and make it shatter, The piano is wonderful, it accommodates us in the song and the chorus is pure frenzy. Melodic rock within reach of those who are touched by the magic wand. To be able to close your eyes and hear the guitar solo, is to be able to imagine what you want, something like a harmony in autumn, and a shine in the sky, which is not heard or seen during the summer, as if it could not be, as if it hadn’t been, but that soaks you to the bone and makes you his.

Second single they presented, “Where Do We go From Here”, modern, bordering on pop/rock, delicate and with many nuances. Again the keys are mesmerizing, they are heard in the back of the room and they are calling me. The guitars always have the exact point of bluegrass so you never forget your American roots. “Nothing To Say”, is with the theme that we were introduced to this wonderful second album. Bon Jovi comes out on stage, not only because of the warmth of Jesus and Jon’s voice, but also in structure and melody. As a curiosity for my countrymen, recorded in the Ruta 66 bar in La Aparecida, a very handsome and highly recommended bar. I try to find fault with this couple and the only thing that grows for them is my admiration for knowing how to do things slowly, without pressure, at their own pace, and as they decide. The masses and radio hits are not important. Bravo!

Now we come to a cut of my «most» favorites… «Say A Prayer», a true ballad. One of those that combine melody, passion, guitars that are capable of telling you stories and experiences. The solo at the end is to frame and that even makes me remember a nod to «November Rain» by Gunners. The voice is an etching, the guitar a watercolor, an oil painting the rhythmic base and the song itself, a mosaic of all of them. “If Only For One Night” takes up the more melodic rock path, we can even see traces of its mother band 91 Suite, although the vocal tones are calmer and softer and less hard.

If we all start a new life it is because we believe that something must change, «New Life» invites us to do so. Here you will listen to a more modern and different facet of what they usually do, but with such quality that the genre doesn’t matter, what does it matter? Music and feeling, that together, becomes passion and joy. Your compositions have a vague secret of tenderness, something of resigned and friendly sleepiness, a humble music wakes up with it that makes the sleeping soul of the landscape vibrate. There is an eternal debate about the versions. Do we do well-known songs or songs that we like? Classics or rarities? In the end, it all depends on… how those who cover it do it. ROXETTE’s “Dressed For Success” is a fresh, cheerful and very contagious song, originally. Now let’s add a few more ingredients to the recipe; A pinch of female choirs, a drop of signature guitars (Iván), mix well with the melodious voice of Jesús and stir everything, put in the oven and wait. Wow! Piece of version that have been cooked.

“Everything Is Gone” knocks on your door with a piano by Salva Parra and a hot, slow voice, a composition by Jose Víctor Rodríguez plunges us into those sleepless nights when everything is over and you are aware of what you lost, then you grab a bottle of whiskey, acoustics and a notebook and you start to write everything you feel, the night passes, dawn knocks on your door and is you’re playing some notes and drunkenly singing a love song. Precious ballad, Uncertainty and mystery are intermingled like a scratch and her wound on the balcony of her soul. The blood sprouts from the inside and spills out to be observed, just like a sigh that seeks to become reality. We end with something more lively and upbeat. “Take it Easy” brings together everything we’ve talked about before about the most rocky songs on the album without losing that country touch at times, especially in the guitar treatment.

It is no «secret» that I am devoted to everything they do, and once again they have planted another seed in my heart. In the end, everything starts from a desire that is around our heads and needs to get out of it. On the other side we will be waiting.



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