FIRMO “Rehab” 2018 (Atomic Stuff Promotion) English Review.

Gianluca_Firmo-Rehab-COVER_ARTWe already have with us the latest of Firmo, Room Experience´s mastermind. There´re some clear differences between this and his band, first one and most remarkable, It´s not an Aor album. Second and more personal, since his debut ´till today we´ve made a beautiful frienship, i consider him my friend and so from the first lines i must say i can´t hide the feelings, for better or for worse. Rehab talks about many things of daily life and i wanted to inquire into Gianluca´s person.

I´ll put a thought of himself between quotation marks on every track for a better understanding of his music and experiences. The concept which includes all the creations made by the human being to express a sensitive vision of the world, whether real or imaginary, through plastic, linguistic, or sound resources, that´s music and allows to express ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations.

Let´s start with “A Place For Judgement day” a cheerful and enjoyable track which begins with keyboards in background leaving their mark, a chorus full of choirs that immediately becomes very choreable. Like an anecdote he says “The choir was built over the guitar riff which actually was written on a keyboard. That could be something that real rockers will charge me on my judgement day..”

Changing a bit into pop/rock we bump with the tender “Heart Of Stone” where the fun and scoundrel side of Gianluca emerges.His voice hasn´t got a powerful range but he´s not out of tune in any track and that makes become more stronger by itself. I´m still fascinated by the good treatment of the vocal harmonies in background. How difficult it is to conquer someone sometimes “Cupid must try new and improved weapons, baby”.
Anyone who knows this guy a bit knows that he loves the current era of Bon Jovi, and
in “Shadows And Lights” wanting or not he has taken the influence. Perfectly you can resemble it with “Bed Of Roses” of New Jersey. Feelings and melancholy at it´s best, it is a so emotional ballad that makes me feel a sensory, intellectual or spiritual pleasure to the level of the beauty´s definition.That “I go Crazy” is so Bon Jovi that i almost believe he has bought it, the guitar is nailed to your soul that you can´t simply let it out. No one better than him to tell us “We all have been in a room alone wishing of being somewhere else, and the longig for someone makes loneliness and hope stronger.”

“A jump into the 80’s for a meeting between italo dance, rock and good vives in the lyrics.
No one has the power of foreseen the future so have a bit of faith in fate and don´t be scared of the unknown.” ” Maybe Forever” express so well the latin character taht you can´t deny to feel so related.The drops of keyboards which wet your face makes you younger and smoother.


“No prisioners” clearly jumps the fence towards the melodic rock, one of the most “hard” tracks, I like the treatment of the six strings along the whole song, sometimes with riffs, sometimes with supporting pluckings but always with good taste. “Anger is a lifesaver sometimes, it helps you to overcome sadness when no response would help you in anyway.” The facts that one is impressed by can be cheerful and happy or painful and sad. The feeling arises as a result of an emotion which allows the person to be aware of his mood. “Didn´t Wanna Care” Is another beautiful ballad, very “Shining Line” style. The Alessandro Moro´s sax puts the delicate note to the song and the acoustic guitar wraps you in its warm notes to create a pleasant wellness and a perfect communion. “is about the moment you surrender and realise you’re in love, afraid to lose the chance, but at the same time afraid to grab it.”

Let´s keep enjoing the album, wich i must confess i like better than “Room Experience´s” Is more dynamic and less tied to a style “Unbreable” It also makes you rock, It´s like an anthem “I don´t like complaining people. Stop complaining about what is wrong in your life and start fighting to improve it. I guess that´s the further commitment i can give to reach the people with the song.” Here “Firmico” you´re missing the acute notes to reach those “heavies” screams. “Dont Dare To Call It Love” “If you do it´s your problem. A macho attitude song, with a fun touch.” A refreshing and distinguished theme, with style and good taste. Let´s go play to the West, put on our hats and let´s make some country jokes.“Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever”. Another among the plenty ballads along the album. Those country guitars reveals the rock tone with country splashes. This boy thinks he´s a man but in the end he´s very tender and brings out all of his most sentimental side when it comes to sing and composse. “Life can challenge you in many ways, but if you can be true to your dreams, it will never change the way you really are.” As we were saying above, don´t expect a hard rock album. It digs deeper on someone´s heart who has wanted to bring out what had been locked up for a long time.The first single “Rehab” can rehabilitate you from all the prejudices you have towards the personal and solo albums. Its a very happy and positive song, everyone can look for what they want on their own rehabilitation. “Whatever steals your time, you need some kind of rehabilitationDo the things you have to do, but save enough time for the things you love, because they are the real prize in your life. “


After so much wear, let´s continue with another refined piece, love tthe keyboards again, sounds with lot of weith. “Until Forever Comes” We could say is the perfect definition of an AOR poem. No doubt is one of my faves, Firmo can be really capable of reaching your deepest. It is intangible, pure, delicate, unreal, subtle, sublime and diffuse. “It’s about the power of memories: for a moment they can make you believe in old dreams, even if you already know they did not come true and never will.” Closing the chapter “Everything” comes, surelly, the most own and introspective track. Almost sung along the choirs with two voices. “It was written to calm someone very dear to me.The lyrics were inspired by a beautiful quote from the movie “Blue car” Lost leaves spin past the glass, but trees don’t move”.

An album that caused me a great expectations and has overwemed them. Search inside your musical side, with no tags, positivity and the desire to enjoy.

Gianluca Firmo: Lead & Backing Vocals,
Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri (Raintimes,
Room Experience, Wheels Of Fire,
Charming Grace): Backing Vocals
Mattia “Noise Maker” Tedesco (Vasco
Rossi, Gianluca Grignani, Candies For
Breakfast): Guitars
Nicola Iazzi (Hardline, Candies For
Breakfast): Bass
Daniele Valseriati (Tragodia): Drums &

Paul Laine (The Defiants, Danger Danger):
Backing Vocals
Mario Percudani (Hungryehart, Hardline):
Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of Fire, Room
Experience): Guitars
Carlo Poddighe: Guitars
Pier Mazzini (Danger Zone): Keyboards
Andrea Cinelli: Piano
Alessandro Moro: Sa





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