SULO ha anunciado el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum doble ‘Nightshift’ y ‘Brilliant Outsiders’ con 27 temas el 14 de septiembre de 2018 a través de Livewire / Cargo Records UK.

Es una: “Una obra maestra melancólica y Country Classic”.

Track listing:

Sulo – Nightshift

1. End Of Me
2. All Shapes Of Loneliness
3. Time To Alight
4. Nightshift
5. I Swear To God I Don’t Believe
6. I Keep Running Into Your Arms
7. Hit Me Where It Hurts
8. This Burden Is Forever
9. Hard To Go Easy
10. Still Sleeping With The Lights On
11. Recollection Of You
12. Lord Of Mercy On My Baby Tonight
13. If The Lights Return
14. Roaming Bird

Sulo’s Brilliant Outsiders – Brilliant Outsiders

1. Brilliant Outsiders
2. Early Morning Light
3. Curse Of The Ring
4. Bring Down The Angels
5. God-Damned Jesus
6. The Girl With The Rainbow Eyes
7. Redemption’s At Hand
8. When The Work Is Done
9. Constant Reminder
10. Your Precious Heart
11. Love Is For The Broken Hearted
12. Good Enough
13. A Song For Every Train

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