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000995Here we have another of those meetings so typical of the Italian label, in this case the famous vocalistJohnny Gioeli and drummer Deen Castronovo . As you know the vast majority, they shared musical family in the early nineties for that magnificent debut of the American band Hardline. Twenty-five years later, and as if it were an anniversary, they are once again joining forces and talent for this Set the World on Fire.

From Gioeli we already know very well his vocal talent, not so Castronovo that he released relatively recently this facet of vocalist, occasionally sang on Journey, and later He has put his voice on some issues of Revolution Saints proving not only be a great drummer but an excellent vocalist. Here in this duo he plays the drums, of course and also sings almost equally with Johnny, and it must be said that if Gioeli touches the sky with his voice, Castronovo the stars, how the Californian sings!

The rest of the band is the combo of Italian musicians who form Hardline in the actulidad, Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards and choirs), Mario Percudani(guitar) and Nik Mazzucconi (bass).

As for the record, I say that I do not give a truce from beginning to end, there is no loose or filling theme, there are twelve fantastic themes.

Set the World on Fire , very cheerful, a theme from the last Hardline era. 
Through , A half time, approaching the ballad, both singers distributing verses and magic. Finish the guitar solo.

Who I Am , beautiful ballad with some subtle effect on the voices. Fall Like An Angel , the most Aor I’ve heard from Gioeli in time, an exultant keys, the claw of Gioeli with Castronovo’s class, glory to my ears.

It’s All About You , unique ballad hardened with guitars and a very inspired solo by Mario Percudani, I like this guy !. 
Need You Now more melodic version of trio country, Lady Antebellum that won a grammy with this theme in 2011. In the most Journey style, the delicious Ride Of Your Life 
Mother , Gioeli, majestic, more sober leaves the whole style of the album, but it’s a great song.Gioeli-Castronovo-351x185

Walk With Me introduced by a piano by Del Vechio, I already recognize its compositional style from afar, another ballad and there are already a few but the whole of the album is not soft at all. Run For Your Life Aor 1980s with some very cool choruses in the chorus. Remember Me another half-season seasoned with subtle keyboards. 
Let Me Out – acoustic sound where Gioeli shines without artifice, great ballad, Hair sticking out like wire.

Immense album, not only there is chemistry between both, but the compositions are superb and the arrangements that I assume are Del Vecchio apart from some very elaborate keys give as a result a record of 10. And I will not tell you more, listen to it and think.


Alicia Albertos