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19959233_10213772849176872_5272436538291088065_nWhen day after day you receive so much music to review, there are times that the brain collapses. But it is also true that if you love this roll so much, it is an immense pleasure to receive a record that both personally and musically, is so significant, then becomes passion.

Gorka Alegre, for me it is no longer that musician, bassist of Ñu or Baron Rojo, is a friend, we have chatted a lot and I know that he has worked a very worthy solo.
Accompanied by numerous artists from the national and international rock scene as: Kelly Pascual to drums, Rafa Barreda and Tolo Grimalt (Metalium / Fyre) to guitars and Giovanni Tradardi (Rising / Tete Novoa) to keyboards. Completing this training to the voices will be David A. Saylor, the former vocalist of the British band Push. Another friend who broke my heart with his death, because when the sky turns into music, Saylor leads the singing voice.

Nine tracks that have been produced by Carlos Creator, and what you already have for sale on Aor Blv Records. Also colaborate, David Reece (Accept-Bonfire), Torben Enevoldsen (Fate), Bill Leverty (guitar) and Herman Rarebell (drums).


What are we going to find on this album?

A vocal textures we were not used to hearing in our Mr. “Feeling man” Saylor. Hard melodic rock, that Gorka knew how to squeeze David to get the result that I explain below.
“Action” gives the start signal, and draws attention that the songs are quite long in minutes, with a very D2 and his “Let’s get naughty naughty” debut, the bass drills the eardrums, giving input To the keyboards along with thundering guitars. All in communion, with David singing with strength and rage. A theme full of hard of the good, the very present bass and protagonist, plays an important role. Awesome! “Break away” Yeahhh !!! It has a beginning to the AC / DC with those guitars and a structure purely of rock & roll, that varies in the chorus, that turns into a melodic party where we are all invited. From the guitar solo, the sonority becomes your lover.

There comes one of my favorites, it’s called “Evergrey” and just hearing the keyboards at the beginning we can already imagine where the shots go. It is that feeling in the pit of the stomach and you know that something exlposive is about to arrive. That’s the feeling that gives you this cut. Yes, it is my favorite because it is so melodic and intense at the same time that leaves me full of life. Feelings return to their pure state and the world is nothing but music come true.

Now it’s the turn for two bosses in “Dog destiny”. The well-known David Reece (Accept, Bonfire) to voice and Torben Enevoldsen (Fate) to the mast. We can say that it is the most American, or so it seems to me, I like the vocal fight between both of two, and Torben touches it with much Groove. What good roll gives you the theme, that back to the 90s brings me. Impossible not to dance, When my voice walks with death, my heart will follow you talking, dream that Saylor told me.

“Distant memories” involved two heavyweights, Bill Leverty to the ropes and Herman Rarebell to the patches. Starting with a very epic mini solo guitar, it already makes us presage that it smells like storm. The coolness of a cold winter morning can be felt in the air, which only the tempered voice of David can appease, a ballad so intense and with a progressive wink, the very spatial keyboards that are not special 😉 In fact it is the longest theme with 7 minutes. To hear this is the heart of life. For it speaks the love; Without it there is no good possible and with it everything is beautiful. “Jumping off the skyline” returns us to “ruockk”, but always made with Indian silk. I am so delighted with the surprises that I have found here, that I am even excited. Leave prejudices on whether it’s national and those rolls, Zhenx is the best you’ll hear this year, no doubt.


The other day on Facebook our partner Alicia Albertos said that she came into a loop with this “Injection”. And I understand why, it gathers all the musical condiments separately and that uniting them, bualá! A very prog theme, full of instrumental nuances, powerful guitars, much Hammond and Saylor unrecognizable. What the world has lost. “On my way” another fucking ball, even to the night train of Guns’ n Roses if you allow me, I always speak of winks, do not look for any complete similarity that I know you. Then the subject takes another course, As I put the guitars to Slash and Saylor’s voice here. He has taken all the sugar I had inside. The closure puts a “Turn down the light” cortita much more rested and that is perfect to finish. Another of the most mellow and that so much molan me, hence the short.

I can only say one thing: Support these projects. Gorka Alegre, thank you very much for taking this work forward. I thank you a million times, because you know the affection that had David and from now on, you too.