Pontus Snibb. Bonafide. Interview.

ViriAOR: Hi Pontus. It´s great to talk with you!. From ViriAOR, our blog, we want to say Thank You for give us this opportunity.

We think we catch you in a break after UK shows. Where are you speaking us from?

Pontus Snibb: No exactly, now we are doing some Sweden shows, then we´re gonna go to Spain.

ViriAOR: Let´s talk about Flames, your last album, that you will be performing next month live here in Spain?

Pontus Snibb: Exactly. Yes, next Friday in Madrid.

ViriAOR: Is the First Show In Madrid?

Pontus Snibb: Yes, exactly, on the may 5th.


ViriAOR: We´ll see you there, of course!

Pontus Snibb: Cool. Great!. Gonna be so much fun. I can´t wait to come back to Spain to play.

ViriAOR: We listened to it, several times, and we have to say that It´s a great hard rock album. We love it!.

Pontus Snibb: OK. Cool!. Thank you very much. We are very happy with ourselves. Thank you!

ViriAOR: It sounds Bonafide one hundred percent, full of Rock.

Pontus Snibb: Yes exactly, hahaha

ViriAOR: You perfectly knew what you wanted to do, didn´t you?

Pontus Snibb: Yes, usually we try to go away a little bit from the riff, the standard riff rock that we do, and this time we have the choirs, the gospel choirs, to make it some little bit different. So it works fine and people say that they like it and we have a great reviews as well. We´re very happy!

ViriAOR: Flames have a lot of choral work, there are a lot of voices, even female´s voices. This is something unusual in rock bands.

Pontus Snibb: Yes, but we thought it would be cool have a gospel choir in there so on, so we try and it worked fine. Now It´s the same that does Black Crowes, The Rolling Stones usually does as well.

ViriAOR: Who came up with the idea?

Pontus Snibb: I think it was all of us together. I write all the songs and I wanted to do a couple of different songs for this album. You can really hear in your mind gospel choirs so I said to the boys, We try this? Yes!, so we tried and it worked and it´s really fine. But there not will be the gospel choirs in Spain, only the four guys, hahahaha

ViriAOR: In the song Bottle Of Jack, if we are not wrong, you sing with a girl, just like in Straight Shooters. Who´s that girl?

Pontus Snibb: Actually I don´t now. The guy from the studio who choose her.I think she´s one of the girls of the gospel choir.

ViriAOR: We think both choirs and duet fits perfect and are very original. Congratulations!

Pontus Snibb: Thak you very much. Thank you.


ViriAOR: Our favourite song of the album is Power Down, we love the dialogue between you and the guitar. What´s your favourite song?

Pontus Snibb:  Well, that´s one of them, absolutely. We´re gonna play that live so you can see with us live, if you come. I like that song and I´m very proud about the first single “Smoke and Fire”.  There´s “Written In Stone” where we have the Gospel Choir, sounds like The Faces, Black Crowes, and I really like that, it´s a little bit different from that we had done before, and I like that.

ViriAOR: What about the audience?  How is being the audience reaction to this album?

Pontus Snibb: Really, really good. The reviews are being very good as well.

ViriAOR:People say your style is so similar to AC/DC, What do you think about that?

Pontus Snibb: Well, AC/DC is one of the best rock bands in the world, so that´s a big compliment. We have the same kind of two guitars, bass and drums and high screaming vocals. It´s a big influence for as but so is Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Crowes, The Faces, Rod Stewart. But I think that is a compliment absolutely.

ViriAOR: We think Bon Jovi doesn´t inspire you…

Pontus Snibb: hahaha. I think so too…Maybe next album. You never know.hahahaha

ViriAOR: Does your inspiration comes from listening to other bands? You say: “wow, this is really good, I have to do something like that,” or do you have your own idea about the things you have to do?

Pontus Snibb: I have my own ideas, but I am an audiophile, I listen to a lot of music every day and I have been musician for all of my life so I have a lot of songs in my head from my favourite bands so when I sit down I take a little bit of this or that, but I never sit down and say I want to try to copy that song from my favourite bands.

ViriAOR: What´s the first thing you tackle when writing a song? Guitar riffs, melody, lyrics?

Pontus Snibb:Usually is guitar riffs. I sit to play guitar and some riff come to my head and then I go back and I write the song. about the lyrics, it cames from watching a movie or seeing a sight.

ViriAOR: Which band members are part of the writing process?

Pontus Snibb: It´s me, hahahaha. But everybody is very important to make the finish song before to going to the studio, because everybody have ideas.images

ViriAOR: In a few words tell us something about the members of Bonafide, How are they?

  1. Anders Rosell. Pontus Snibb: The quiet guy
  2. Martin Ekelund. Pontus Snibb: He´s all about the money. He makes the counting for all of us
  3. Niklas Mattson. Pontus Snibb: He´s like me. allways up to late
  4. Pontus Snibb. Do you know him? Pontus Snibb: No, never met him, I heard he is a good guy hahaha

ViriAOR: If you could only choose three singers, who would they be?

Pontus Snibb: Bon Scott, Elvis, Frank Sinatra

ViriAOR: Most of your lyrics talk about Rock and Rock attitude. Do you have any advice to have a real Rock and Roll lifestyle?

Pontus Snibb: Be humble to the people you meet. Because I met Brian Johnson, I  met guys from Status Quo, you know people very famous, and they are very nice guys, they treat everybody with respect, so that´s my main advice: “Treat people with respect because everybody deserve it”

ViriAOR: And now Spain. Everytime you tour in our country, you play in many cities. This time there are 11 dates. Do you like spain? 

Pontus Snibb: No, only 9 dates this time. Last time there were 13 but this time it´s only 9. We love play in spain that´s we keep coming back. The audience is very special, they really like the swedish rock and they really support it. so we love coming back and play for all the guys and girls.

ViriAOR: In the Denim Devils Tour, we saw you in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares. Alcalá was so special. Do you remember that?

Pontus Snibb: Yeah, of course. We played in Alcalá many times, usually when we have some days off we stay at the hotel.

ViriAOR: How will be your Spanish tour?What do you have prepared for the fans?

Pontus Snibb: We have 4 o 5 songs of new Flames album and then we gonna play some old songs from all the albums, songs that we have never played in spain before.

ViriAOR: What would you say to Spanish fans to encurage them to see Bonafide live?

Pontus Snibb: Come out and watch a real good Rock And Roll show. We enjoy playing and we have a good time and you probably will have a good time too, so you come to see us.

ViriAOR: Now It´s time to  travel from Spain to Sweden.Why you´ve got so many high level rock bands? 

Pontus Snibb: I really don´t known. We are a rich country and probably when children want an instrument the parents can buy it. Childrens have music school for free where, and they can go for practice for free. Everybody have a chance to play. I think that´s a big part of it.

ViriAOR: How old are children when they start playing instruments in your country?

Pontus Snibb: Maybe 9 -10..

ViriAOR: How is your relationship with other swedish bands like “Eclipse” or “H.E.A.T”?
Pontus Snibb: I know Eclipse very well, I don´t really know much HEAT but I know some of the members, and Hardcore Supestar, Mustach, some guys of In Flames a little bit. We know each other and we meet on Festivals

ViriAOR: Are there any swedish bands you would like to recommend to us? 

Pontus Snibb: umm..what could I say… for me is always Hardcore Superstar. They are the best swedish band for me. I love to see when they are playing, they are incredible. They never disappoint.

ViriAOR: We are almost finishing, so now it´s time for our most personal questions. Don´t worry, this is not about relationships, the only lover we’re interested on is rock and roll (hehehe):

  1. What was the first concert you attended to, as an audience? Pontus Snibb: I think it was Electric Boys. Now we are good friends of Conny Bloom.
  2. What was the first record you bought? Pontus Snibb:The heat is on. Glenn Frey
  3. Did someone close coax you into loving rock and roll? Pontus Snibb: Oh yeah, my Dad is a drummer so I´ve been on tour with him. so I knew that I wanted to be musician. So I´ve musician for all my life with his support. And we played together in a couple of bands, and that´s really fun.

That´s all. Thank you, very, very, much and good luck in your spanish tour and after. See you in the show and…in the bar. We are behind you guys here at ViriAOR, and we would like to talk to you again here sometime soon.

Rock On

Ape Navarro 

Oscar Ricoy


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